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10 Simple Tips for Cleaning Your Apartment

We know that giving your apartment a major clean-out is never anyone’s favorite task. We always put it off as long as we can to avoid the stress of cleaning, making our apartment messier and messier until we don’t even know where to start.

But taking on a major apartment cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. And it doesn’t have to take up your entire weekend, either. We’ve compiled this list of helpful, proven tips of how to clean your apartment and make your apartment clean-out a more enjoyable, less stressful, and much quicker experience than you might have imagined. Put this checklist of ten tips to work for your next apartment clean out and you’ll have a sparkling clean apartment in no time at all.

How to Clean Your Apartment Fast

1. Handle Clutter First

If you clean up apartment clutter first and put your things where they belong, you’ll immediately feel more at ease in your apartment and feel as though you’ve already taken a major step to clean, organized bliss. De-cluttering first also makes it easier for deep cleaning and vacuuming later, as you won’t have clutter and other items in your way.

2. Clean and Put Dishes Away

It’s tempting to leave big projects like your dishes for last. But you’ll feel much better if you tackle them early on and get them out of the way before moving forward to the next phase.

3. Do a Garbage Sweep

Do a sweep through the home and empty all garbage cans, while also picking up any loose trash that might have ended up on the floor. Emptying trash cans is one of those tasks that’s constantly put off, as cans get more and more tightly stuffed and overflowing. Even if some of your bins aren’t full to the top, it will feel good to have a clean slate throughout your apartment.

4. Gather Laundry

This is the last part of our decluttering phase before we move to the actual spray-and-wipe, germ-fighting phase. Nobody likes doing laundry, but you might as well get it done while you’re in all-out cleaning mode.

5.Embrace All Purpose Cleaner

Now it’s time to introduce you to a cleaner’s best friend. All-purpose cleaner. It’s a wonderful thing. There are multiple brands available, and even some all-natural options, but what you want in essence is a spray cleaner that’s not specific to any one room. You want something you can use in the bathrooms, on the baseboards, on the countertops, the top of your stove, and literally anywhere else you want to wipe down.

6. Clean the Kitchen & Bathroom

We recommend starting with your bathroom(s). Why? They’re the least pleasant part of the apartment to clean, and it will feel great to have them done. With that approach in mind, we also recommend starting with the least-pleasant part of the bathroom—the toilet. Clean the toilet first, then move to the floor, then the shower/bath, and finally hit the countertop and mirrors.

7. Get Dusty

Don’t forget to hit above doors, tops of baseboards, over cabinets, and in-between blinds. You don’t necessarily need to use a dusting spray for this part. A good swipe with your cloth of choice should usually do the trick fairly well.

8. Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum

The reason you dust before you vacuum is that a lot of that swept-off dust ends up on the floor. That’s when the vacuum comes in. Your vacuum can be your best friend, particularly if it has specific attachments like a brush-end attachment. This can help you gather dust, get into tight spaces, and vacuum up those little nooks and crannies around your apartment.

9. Make Cleaning Fun

We know, we know. This sounds like something your mom would say to you as a kid to trick you into wanting to do chores. But cleaning really can be an enjoyable experience if you let it. Blast some music as you go. Throw some Netflix on your laptop and bring it around with you as you clean different rooms.

10. Clean as You Go

This last tip isn’t necessarily for your cleaning day, but will help your cleaning day be less of an undertaking. We highly recommend cleaning as you go throughout your life, doing small things over the course of the week so that you’re never stuck with a huge cleaning project all at once.

We hope these tips of how to clean your apartment will help you survive your ultimate apartment clean-out. And if you’re cleaning out your apartment because you’re ready to move on to a new place, we can help you get started on your apartment search today!


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