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How Apartments Can Elevate the Work-from-Home Lifestyle

After the events of 2020, employers are shifting their modes of operation. There’s no reason to pay a high commercial lease when people are happy to work from home. But that doesn’t mean remote work is without its flaws. Now that more employees are grappling to balance their home life with a productive work day, we’re seeing a new need in the market. Fortunately, apartment buildings are uniquely equipped to offer people the best of both worlds.

Multi-Functional Properties for Home and Work

Renting will continue to have a unique appeal as companies continue to adopt the remote working model. And multifamily properties can address the basic needs of an office space right alongside their residential units. That’s a win-win for renters.

The developers who can offer tenants a place to live, work, and socialize are going to stand out from the competition. This change in the office environment isn’t just a commercial development issue. It directly relates to how multifamily property investors build their own strategies too. For example, individuals who have trouble concentrating in their living room might want to pop into their complex’s co-working space around the corner. When you can offer that feature to tenants, it suddenly becomes a lot easier to keep your vacancy rates low.

Flexibility with Your Co-Working Setups

Simple revisions are often the best solutions. That’s why it pays to focus on the essentials. While the relevance of co-working spaces is on the up and up, a total building remodel or expansion isn’t necessarily required. In fact, renters are primarily interested in having access to communal printing. Setting that up is about the easiest upgrade you could make. There are options to be flexible with all types of co-working setups. It’s just a matter of anticipating your tenants’ wants and needs.

How else can you set your multifamily property apart? We’d love to help you brainstorm the possibilities. Just send us an email. Then we’ll schedule a call to focus on the specific concerns for renters in Boise and throughout the Treasure Valley!

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