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The Heat Is On—Why Renters Love Outdoor Amenities

The summer weather in Boise can take sudden turns. Even in just a week we can alternate from cooler days to heat in the triple digits. But that doesn’t stop people from wanting to spend time outside. Just a little time in the sun—or lounging in the shade—can make a big difference for boosting your quality of life. That’s part of the reason why more and more renters are specifically seeking out properties that offer a few outdoor amenities.

Maximize Your Property’s Summer Benefits

One of the best perks of renting is that you don’t have to deal with the stress of lawncare or landscaping. That being said, summertime is when we all want to lounge outdoors. Helping renters get the most out of their weekends with areas to grill or have a picnic, can bring investors a great ROI for maximum occupancy. Creating space for a dog park is relatively straight forward too.

Easy access to a community swimming pool will also continue during the hotter months. The Treasure Valley already has the benefit of a dry heat with extremely low humidity. Pair that with an afternoon by the pool, and Boise renters get a win-win.

Flexibility with Outdoor Amenities

Having access to flexible spaces can be great for both personal and professional reasons too. This is especially true for the younger generations. After making it through the summer of 2020, property managers are definitely noticing an uptick in how residents utilize their outdoor living areas. Properties with courtyards and seating areas give residents a place to meet up with friends. These amenities are also convenient for people who spend their days working remotely. Because who doesn’t want a little fresh air?

Renters are looking for convenient ways to spend time outside. And it’s a lot easier when they don’t need to get in the car and drive to a public park. Offering flexible outdoor areas can give investors a real edge when they want to tap into new markets. There’s a lot of potential, but you just need the right strategy. If you’re ready to continue the conversation, we’d love to hear from you!

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