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Three Important Reasons Why Having a Skilled Property Manager Is Your Best Investment


Investing in rental properties can add to an owner’s monthly cash flow and net worth. The strength of the day-to-day management of your properties has the biggest impact on the future value of your investment. From retaining residents to fielding work order requests, every action your property manager takes impacts your bottom line. Finding the right property management partner, is the crucial component in the long-term success of your portfolio. 

With over 100 years combined experience, the team at Commercial Northwest provides excellent customer service for our owners, renters and investors. We currently manage around 850 multifamily units. Our portfolio stretches from Treasure Valley to Twins Falls and Eastern Oregon. Our team members are property owners themselves and understand how decisions can impact an owner’s return. Our very first clients are still our clients today, proving that our level of customer service and experience is worth its weight in gold.

From screening to the final move out, having experienced property managers in your corner can provide you with a list of great benefits; today we will highlight three of those benefits:

1. Protect and Grow Can you talk about how marketing units before they come available to ensure little vacancy loss protects the owner from loss in rental income. Also, how tracking market rents and doing market surveys ensures that we are always obtaining the highest market rents for our clients. We know that the strength of the properties’s income statement determines the value of the property. Therefore, we take great care in protecting and growing that value. 

2. High Quality Renters Having a thorough screening process in imperative to finding quality renters who pay rent on time, renew their lease and generally put less wear and tear on the unit. Commercial Northwest puts our owners at ease by implementing a proven set of screening criteria that complies with all federal, state and local fair housing and civil rights laws. 

​3. We Are the Owner Advocate. The team at Commercial Northwest acts as the point of contact for our owners. That means ensuring rent is collected on time, maintenance issues are handled in a timely, cost efficient manner and resident relations are handled. We work to maintain a positive relationship with current residents. Our aim is that residents renew their residency at our properties; which reduces vacancy loss and turnover expense for our owners. 

Peace of mind is important to owners. Knowing the time, effort and resources needed to manage a property, it makes a world of difference to have an experienced property manager to help with the work. Commercial Northwest is the Southwest Idaho leader in Property Management. We have the knowledge, skills and elevated level of customer service that ensures your investment receives the highest quality of management. 

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