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Tips to Decorating a Rental to Feel More at Home

Living in a rental is a great way to save cash and have some flexibility in your life, but it does come with limitations. Most landlords will impose strict rules as to what you can and can’t do to their property. Often, you won’t be able to paint walls, add new fixtures or even put up a shelf or two. This can make it difficult to turn a rental place into a home, but with a few tips, you can make it feel a little cozier.

Split Your Space Room dividers are a great way to split your space up and create temporary partitions. This can be especially useful in a studio apartment, or in a room that feels too large and empty. Don’t let your living space have that vacant feeling by creating the layout that suits you.

Add Some Greenery House plants, herb gardens and vegetable patches are all excellent additions to any living space and can create a really homely atmosphere. They look fantastic, freshen your air, and you can use some of the plants in your cooking.

​Lighting Statement Don’t like that musty old lampshade? Swap it out for something more to your taste, and consider making a feature of a really special piece. When your lease is up, simply swap it back and take your personal light fitting to your new place.

Go Large on Art Can’t hang pictures or photos on your walls? Go large and order huge, framed prints. These can be simply leaned against a wall, making a beautiful statement and providing an eye-catching focal point. [You can also use Poster Putty ​to hang photos and prints!

Removable Wallpaper Removable wallpaper is affordable, easy to install and easy to remove when it’s time to move on. Plus, it comes in a huge variety of colours and patterns, allowing you to liven up your rental space and put your mark on the place.

Make the Most of Surfaces Since most landlords prevent you from drilling holes in the walls, you might find yourself short of shelf space. Make the most of the surfaces available and use them to showcase things like art, decorations, and books. Window sills, tables and even fridge tops can all house a variety of objects.

Simple Storage Solutions If your rental is short on storage space, you might need to think outside of the box, especially in the kitchen. There are several simple storage solutions you can use around the home, many of which pack up and can go with you wherever. A step ladder is a great place to store anything from pots and pans to bathroom accessories and books. A pegboard with hooks is another great solution for storing kitchen utensils, pots and pans.

​Curtains and Drapes If you can’t paint your walls, you can add color to your rooms with drapes and curtains. Choose colors that add a little of your personality to the place. Patterned curtains can also be a great way to liven up an otherwise bare space.

Fit a Removable Headboard There’s nothing better than slipping into bed after a long day, but some landlords consider headboards to be optional extras and don’t think the bed they offer you needs to have one. However, you can always make your own to brighten up your rental, and they’re easy to move from place to place.

Splash Some Color in the Bathroom Most rental apartments have been decorated in fairly neutral tones, with white bathrooms being the norm. Make yours less monochrome with colorful shower curtains, roman blinds, towels, toilet seats, shower mats, etc.

Take Advantage of Windows Windows are of course a great source of natural light, and can easily become the focal point of a rental apartment. Treat them well, and add decor on the window sill that will take advantage of the light flooding in. Coloured glass jars and vases are a nice touch and add vibrancy to otherwise dull areas.

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